Chipping Norton IndoorBowls Club          
Rinks (drawn) Championship 2017/18     23 entries
Games to be played on the Thursday nights specified  If an individual is unavailable on the night, it is their responsibility to find a substitute that isn't already playing in the competition.
Round 1        semi final       Final
(to be played on 22 November)   (to be played on 31 January)   TBA
Game 1                  
Martin Acock   Mike Boobyer              
AN Other V Helen Cox              
Bill Jarvie   Lynne Marrow   Wnr of Game 1 v Wnr of Game 2      
Hilary O'Callaghan   Roberta Jarvie              
Game 2                 V
Robin Cox   Tony B - H              
Paul Robbins V Paul Killackey              
Richard Nolte   Sheila Jones       Carol Martin      
Shirley Crick   John Hurren   Wnr of Game 3   Ron Thornhill      
          v Keith Hewitt      
Game 3           Rob Funning      
Tom Edwards   Jenny Funning              
Bev Timms V A N Other              
Jeff Martin   John Cox              
Richard Marrow   Carol Thornhill